ZeusDraw is a new vector drawing program with a fluid, graceful interface, great brushes and a host of other features. The program has a number of excellent brushes to work with and, thanks to Quartz and Cocoa, you can rotate an object and watch it.

ZeusDraw simplifies Bezier curves and lets you edit gradients in place. ZeusDraw’s Duplicate Tool is used to place or stamp copies of your graphics.

In addition to working with normal full-color bitmaps (jpeg, tif, png, gif and bmp), ZeusDraw can use grayscale bitmaps as stencils. ZeusDraw has Snap to Grid, but it also has Snap to Point, Snap to Path for precision drawing, and Snap to Angle for drawing arcs and rotating objects.

ZeusDraw has a complete set of easily accessible viewing tools including a separate undo for views. You can zoom up to take a look at a detail and then easily return to your original view.



ZeusDraw 1.3.1